everyone has that one band that makes everything okay

Nahko and medicine for the people.

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I am so Inlove with nahkobear.

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I created this blog for Nahko Bear because he deserves to be recognized more, he is a beautiful soul and his music is so inspiring, healing, powerful, etc. it truly means everything to me and if I can share this medicine with you and help you and have it help heal you… that is why I created this blog, because it has done so much for me and I hope that it does the same for you. Namaste. <3


~♡♥ synchronicity & gratitude ♥♡~


Budding Trees - Nahko and Medicine for the People

If you’ve never heard of Nahko and you’re looking for a lovely, warm song to wake up to this morning, here is my suggestion for you. Ever listen to a song that you can just feel in your heart and it makes you smile??? This song does this to me every single time…. I think no matter what music genre you enjoy that you’ll like this, a great morning song too <3 Love you guys, hope your day is wonderful and full of smiles!!!!

The body talks and meditation helps… :)


this song, i can’t even begin to express how it makes me feel. my heart beats a little faster.. his words, his voice, his music, I LOVE everything about this man, Nahko. he is changing my life for the better. he has amazing music.